Las Vegas Watches
One of the best places in the world to buy watches is Las Vegas.

The selection of Las Vegas watches is absolutely huge and almost
any of the major brands can be found and also many brands you
may never have heard of, let alone had the opportunity to view.

There are literally dozens of specialist watch stores and brand only
boutiques located in the various casinos and malls.

If you are looking for a hard to find brand or specific piece and
are on vacation in Las Vegas, then there is a good chance you will
find what you are looking for or will certainly find a store that can
source the item or brand for you.

Everything from popular brands such as Tag Heure and Breitling to
brands a little harder to find such as Patek Phillipe and Vacheron
Constantine can be found in abundance on the strip.
 Las Vegas Watch Stores
There is no shortage of Las Vegas Watch stores, in fact there is an abundance of choice from lower
price points of a $1000 or less up to ultra high end collections that have time pieces that can easily
Be in the higher hundreds of thousands of dollars and upwards for a single watch.

Most stores carry a cross reference of price points but almost all seem to start at a price point and cap
at a price point.

For example a watch store may  carry lines that start at a few hundred dollars but do not usually carry
pieces that exceed $25,000 for instance.

Another store may begin at $5000, but carry on well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are a few that carry a range that covers as much as possible, but they are not a majority of

When you are planning to view watches in Las Vegas you may be wise to do a little bit of research
beforehand as to who and where stocks the brands you are interested in.

Most well known brands are easily found in a variety of locations on the strip, but others can only
be found in a handful of stores or even one destination boutique or store.

The Las Vegas strip is a lot larger than people actually realize and it can be frustrating trawling the
casinos and malls hoping to find a watch brand if you have no idea who stocks it.

A little research online with the specific brands website will usually uncover Las Vegas watch stores
that carry the brand you are looking for with contact details and direction provided in most cases.
Las Vegas Watch Shopping
When deciding to go Las Vegas watch shopping there are a few points
to consider.

Firstly there are several ways you can buy watches.

Out of the case new watches.

Pre owned watches.

Trade your old watch in.

Special order.

Below we will describe all of these and explain how they work and give
you a few tips on the processes.
The most common way to buy watches in Las Vegas is of course to select one from the display cases.

Any watch store carrying your desired brand will most likely have a good selection for you to choose
from and a staff of highly trained sales associates to help you in your watch buying experience.

In almost all cases you will be buying the actual watch you try on because very few stores carry extra
pieces due to the sheer cost of maintaining a good sales floor selection. If you walk into a store that has
millions of dollars of watches on display it is highly unlikely they have the same selection again tucked
away in the vaults. In most cases it is simply not possible.

Las Vegas watch stores are also one of the best places to find limited edition pieces that may be
examples of only a few hundred of that watch in existence. So if you spot a limited watch you really
want, it is strongly advised that if you are serious then consider buying it on the spot to avoid later
disappointment. Stores will aim to keep all of their merchandise in excellent condition so buying new
from the case is not an issue you should worry about.
An increasing number of Las Vegas watch stores are carrying a selection of pre owned watches.

A pre owned watch may be acquired by the store from either a trade in or from a watch broker in
most cases.

The old cliche of unlucky gamblers coming in and selling their watch because they have had a bad run
at the tables is pretty much a relic of the past. Although some dealers may still practice cash purchases
most do not these days.

If a watch has been gained from a trade in, you can be assured in the vast majority of cases the watch
has been checked out for the legal ownership of the person trading it in and will have been
authenticated and cleaned up prior to making it into the display case.

If the watch has been purchased from a broker it will already have been through the checks mentioned
above and will most likely be checked over again by the store where you are viewing the watch.

There are some really great deals to be found in the Las Vegas watches pre owned market and it is
certainly worth consideration if you are planning to buy a watch.

Most stores will back the watch with a warranty of one or more years.
Along with stores selling pre owned trade in watches, they of course accept trade in

Basically your watch is applied as a discount to the new watch your are aiming to
upgrade to.

The retailer will give you a value on your watch against the watch you are going to

It is advised that you trade your watch in against a watch of far higher value than
the original watch you are trading to ensure you extract the maximum value out of
your old watch.
Sometimes you may go to a Las Vegas watch store and they may not have the watch you are looking
for in stock.

In the event of this they will most likely offer to special order the watch.

A special order is when the retailer contacts the brand directly to order the specific watch for you.

Typically the retailer is going to want the full price of the watch paid to them before committing to
the special order and it will generally take anywhere up to six weeks to be delivered according to

If the watch is on hand you may get it in the store over night or within a few days. If it has to be made
then you can expect the full term to pass before your watch will be on your wrist.

Special orders are a good option because you are going to get a watch direct from the brand in a lot of
cases and the watch has not been tried on by other people before you purchase it. It literally is in mint

When special ordering Las Vegas watches you will most likely encounter a resistance to any kind of
discount and also a no return or exchange policy so you must be very sure you want the watch.

The reason there is usually no return policy is because you are ordering a watch that you want and the
store does not have in stock. The watch store may not have the watch in stock because it is not a fast
selling product perhaps and they do not want to tie up money in inventory they cant sell.

Las Vegas watch stores are some of the best places in the world to special order watches from because
they are usually in very good favor with the watch brands due to their high sales volume so they are
more likely to be able to attain hard pieces and to get pieces very quickly.
When shopping for watches in Las Vegas there are a few tips you should be aware of.

The first tip is what was mentioned above, be sure to research your brand retailer before going to
view the watch.

Las Vegas is a big place and you will get very frustrated and will not enjoy the experience if you are
roaming along the strip in the Las Vegas heat. In the summer months the temperature can rise to
well over 110 degrees and it also gets crowded.

A little bit of prior research can save you a lot of discomfort and all important vacation time.

Another good tip is to call ahead of time to find out if the retailer has the specific watch in stock to
avoid wasted time and effort bouncing from store to store.

A tip on shopping etiquette to remember is not to visit watch stores purely with the intention of with
trying on watches with absolutely no desire to buy or just to play dress up.

This may sound like fun, but be aware of two things.

Firstly, Las Vegas sales people are some of the best in the world, they have to be to survive the very
competitive arena that is the Las Vegas strip. They are trained to get your money and if you go in to
“just try things on”, do not be surprised if you end up making an unplanned purchase.

The sales people, atmosphere, and products will make a very convincing case for you to purchase and
you do stand a chance of finding an item you simply must have that will have a strong sales person
making it seem like a bad idea if you do not buy it.

Be warned you may just end up buying what you went to try on for fun.

You will not be the first and you will not be the last person to experience this.

Secondly, if you go into a Las Vegas store to just have some fun with the merchandise to pass the
time be very aware that it may be really fun to try on expensive items, that is until you accidentally
break them.

No retailer is going to accept that you did not mean to drop that $30,000 watch or that the winding
crown was already loose.

You will find yourself with a new damaged item in one hand and a bill in the other and most likely
with security standing nearby ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Again, you will not be the first or last person to experience this.

This is not to say you should not visit stores to take a look.

Retailers always welcome you and are glad you came, but use some common sense with regards to
what you do while you are in the store.

The next tip is do not be afraid to see if there are any special prices on certain watches, most dealers
will have pieces they are having a promotion on when you visit, but do not think the price tag is
simply put on the item as a place to start haggling from. Despite the fact you may think you can
barter the birds out of the trees you will not be reinventing the wheel in Las Vegas. Every line you say
will have been heard a hundred times before and probably several times that day.

As stated above, it never hurts to ask, and is usually considered a fair and expected question.

If you make reasonable offers in a Las Vegas watch store you may just get a great deal, if you make
ridiculous offers you will not be taken seriously as a buyer.

Make friends with the sales person.

Treat the sales people well and they will fight to get you a deal if it is possible. They earn money from
selling the watches not just showing them. The sales person wants you to buy and will look after you
as best they can if you treat them well.

If you walk into a store throwing your ego around and being rude, why would they want to help you
get a good deal and why would they want to even interact with you.

Rude customers usually find themselves demanding themselves out of customer service instead of
recruiting the sales person as an ally in their search for a good deal.

Would you be more prone to help someone who is nice to you or rude to you?

Do not be afraid to shop around.

There is an absolutely huge selection of Las Vegas watch stores to choose from and all are looking for
business. Take a look at several dealers to see what selections are on offer.

It never hurts to compare prices.

Above all.......


Shopping for Las Vegas watches can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

It is one of the best places in the world to visit and shop for watches.